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Absolutely Loved "Flying Between Heaven and Earth"  (March 7, 2019)  Bhimi Cayce

I absolutely Loved this book!  The story line was exciting, revealing and stirring.  So many undercurrent profound messages, which is what I really like in a book.  All the main characters were so engaging and I read it in 3 nites and would have done sooner but had some other things I to do.  I felt like I was on the plane and in each location going through the situations with them.  I didn’t want it to end!

Angels Unaware  (March 5, 2019)  Robert Joseph Ahola

William Blake once notably said: "Create your own mythology or be a slave to another man's." In Flying Between Heaven and Earth, Gina Jones has created her own mythology, and we're all better for it. It's a delightful and quite credible romp into the etheric realms where Angels often manipulate the pathways of human intercourse and conversely. Fuel for the ideal television series, someone should pick this up and give it an extended media life. The Characters are both familiar and refreshing. And—as it should be in this whole new spin on the hereafter—nothing is quite as we are told it should be. Truly an original, and written with a strong narrative sense of direction.

A Very Authentic and Insightful Story  (April 23, 2017)  Ken Biggs

“Flying between Heaven and Earth” is a very profound book of our time. It’s all about the One Infinite Creator and His cosmic game plan. While the vast majority of humans on planet Earth wonder – why am I here? what is my purpose in life? they still have not awaken up to be of service to one another and to realize that together we are all one Being.

As our planet is moving into the fourth dimension, the Intergalactic beings of the Universe are conducting an emergency meeting at the council of Saturn. They are very concern that so many people are not waking up in time as Earth goes through the third cycle of 26,000 years into the fourth dimension. All the major events concerning international terrorism and extreme weather events with HUGH earth changes is creating fear on this planet.

There is a fierce battle going on between the forces of Light and the dark forces led by Semyaza. Will humanity be able to wake up in time before even more disasters take place on this planet? We have Ra, the Sun God and champion for the Law of One along with archangel Michael, the ruler of the fourth heaven working on our behave as well as many others like the Plejarens.

In summary, this novel is not just another wild sci-fi fantasy, but is a true to life story that will strongly impact every man, woman and child on planet Earth as well other beings in the Universe.

This a Must Read!  (March 7, 2017)  Beverly Barrett Flintom

“Flying Between Heaven and Earth” is one of the best books I’ve ever read!  It was so captivating that I couldn’t put it down and read the entire book in 3 days!  Gina E. Jones is a brilliant writer!  I can’t wait for a follow up book to this one because I didn’t want it to end!  Not only is this book thrilling but so relative and topical to today’s society!  It is a Must read!

Highly recommend!  (June 8, 2013)  Dr. Campbell

Wonderful book! Join the crew and enjoy the flight – it will take you where you need to go at this time in your life. Well researched, well written, authentic!

Fast Paced and Wonderful  (January 2, 2013)  Terry Strom

This fast paced adventure of Nicole and her angel colleagues interacting with humans to keep the inhabitants of planet earth going in the right direction is well written and witty. The story and characters are ones we can all identify with, with compassion and understanding. It’s well founded in Truth in the spiritual sense and left me naturally motivated to uplift my own life.

A story about hope and purpose!  (August 24, 2012)  Mark Mercado

I wanted to let you know that I finished reading your book not too long ago and I loved it. Really! I like how the “coincidences” align with a higher plan. Also that God knows that there is even a reason for Semyaza for us to learn. Good job getting this word out!

Flying Between Heaven and Earth  (August 13, 2012)  Renee

Great read!! I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and unraveling the multitude of connections between the characters. I found I couldn’t put the book down – I became so involved with the characters and how their lives intertwined, both past and present, that I had to keep going back to find out more. It was so much fun to follow the path and see where and how these people connected and re-connected.

As a former airline stewardess, Gina uses her past experience in such a beautiful way to give us a wonderfully entertaining story with an underlying sense of spirituality and purpose – a belief in something bigger than us – a Divine Plan!

Such a compelling and thought provoking story!  (July 25, 2012)  casutherlin

“Flying Between Heaven and Earth” was an amazing read that keeps you flipping page to page. Gina Jones incorporates a wonderful blend of information, humor, action and romance throughout the entire book. She has included her own experiences as a flight attendant in the story through the characters who are angels disguised as stewardesses for the airline. This book is truly unique and can not be compared to anything else. I have recommended it to all of my friends and family and would strongly encourage anyone reading this review to give it a read. I am hoping there will be a sequel to “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” in the near future!

Enlightening and Entertaining!  (June 27, 2012)  Jennifer Veal (Lincoln, NE, US)

I have never read anything quite like “Flying Between Heaven and Earth”. This book is literally packed with information that most of us would otherwise never be exposed to – information that has been hidden from us. Gina Jones artfully weaves a wealth of esoteric knowledge into an exciting and thought-provoking novel. Jones is a natural-born teacher with a passionate and generous spirit. She aims to spread vital information to help as many people as possible. She brings us a strong and clear message of hope just when need it most. She helps us to understand why we’re here! I am particularly inspired with the way Ms. Jones has helped me to better understand the drama in my own human experience – i.e. the challenges of a multi-dimensional spirit having a 3rd dimensional “human” experience – and how easy it is to blindly get caught up in it and forget WHO I am and what I came here to accomplish. She gives meaning to my struggles and I understand that I am not the victim of the hand I was dealt, but that I am a magnificent being working through my karma with other magnificent beings who have forgotten WHO we are.

Above all, this book is FUN! It made me laugh and it made me cry.  The young angel, Nicole led me on a major adventure down one rabbit hole after another. This book is a MUST READ!  I cannot wait for the movie to come out!!!

Do You Ever Wonder?  (April 14, 2012)  Christina C. (Marietta, GA)

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the realm of the vast universe? Do you ever wonder how angels are responsible for our destiny? Did you know that there is no such thing as a coincidence? Everything is planned, mapped out and destined to happen.

A MUST read for all who want to discover what goes on in the dimension that lies between heaven and earth. Gina weaves an amazing story about  people like us, planets in the galaxy, angels and  aliens.

Totally LOVED it!

Can’t Put It Down Until I Know!  (April 15, 2011)  Connie Koster (Atlanta, GA)

Flying Between Heaven and Earth! — An amazing experience of “traveling” between your recognized world of common human frailty and the uplifting miracle of your spiritual beliefs, expectations and desires.  Each experience transports you between reality and make-believe.  Every interaction thrusts you forward to that “can’t put it down until I know” next page.  A delightful story that leaves you wanting more for yourself.

Goodness Trumps Evil!  (October 31, 2010)  Bonnie Ross-Parker “America’s Connection Diva” (Atlanta, GA)

Flying Between Heaven and Earth was my traveling companion during a recent cruise! I simply couldn’t put the book down! What an amazing journey to lead us all to the ultimate truth. We knew it. We know it. The question is – do we live it? We are all here to serve – to be of service. Jones reminds us that no matter what is going on around us, it’s what is in us that matters. How we lead our lives and how we contribute to the betterment of humanity is crucial to our survival. An absolute must read – truly a spiritual adventure where truth prevails.

What a Fun Ride!  (October 21, 2010)  T Atl

Thoroughly enjoyed this creative, enlightening adventure!! Full of humor, fun, and lessons of “FAITH”!!

An Ascent Into Enlightenment  (August 8, 2009)  Mark Hunziker (Marina del Rey)

Today, as we witness a decline of good sense in our midst, isn’t it inspirational to encounter the work of authors who’ve taken on the task of reintroducing our species to being wiser first? Flying Between Heaven and Earth is a clever contribution to what might one day rescue humanity from itself and our current state of devolution.

Our realm is full of mystery but does humanity really grasp the importance and value of mysteries here on Earth? Consider for a moment how phenomena itself might just offer an abundance of evidence to us revealing how humans don’t necessarily know much of anything yet.

We are forever at points of choice, but never before in humanity’s knowable history, while we’ve been exponentially developing technologies, have we been so pressed up against our own mortality and perhaps the survival of all life on the planet. If this is our condition then it seems only logical to reexamine any/all intelligence happening at every point of choice. For instance, how is it that we have yet to practice the wisdom of always making principles the first priority? Doesn’t it seem prudent to reconnect with the wisdom of principles in order to transform and quantify human consciousness so that we might change our destructive behavior?

Enter a thoughtfully creative Flying Between Heaven and Earth where the author carefully spins the fibers of Mankind’s more enduring truths into a world of the incredible. These truths, mostly hidden from our sleeping flock, are carefully woven into good story for our collective consideration.

Whether or not there is an event coming in 2012 intended to eclipse all others doesn’t really matter; time will tell. The real purpose of Flying Between Heaven and Earth is not to heap more fear on the public about more prophecy of doom but rather to be a tool for teaching anyone interested about how every day each of us becomes to decide how we shall play a special roll in changing things by how each of us chooses how we enter the energies of our own service, either selfishly or selflessly, from the individual-to-collective. Whether we are conscious of it or not, each moment of each day is about the summing-up of all of our choices and the bias behind each person – as chooser.

Flying Between Heaven and Earth delivers that message with an exciting flight into the realm of enlightenment.

Mark Hunziker
Former State Section Director, MUFON Los Angeles, MUFON Broward and Palm Beach FL

Timely book for those who seek to know about 2012  (July 23, 2009)  Subha K. Pindiproli “Subha” (Mission Viejo, CA)

Flying Between Heaven and Earth touches many subjects all packed together in a clever and subtle manner. Presented in a fictional manner the author Gina E. Jones presents the story of an innocent Angel who descends down into humanity and forgets who she really is.

It is an interesting metaphor and a wake up call for all of humanity that have forgotten who we really are. We only remember once we leave the physical bodies and unite with our higher selves.

Kryon succinctly elaborated about the Incredible Human Being in an article found on many metaphysical websites. It is how when a soul decides to incarnate into the physical form, the Soul splits up into several components: One part which is the Higher Self remains in the spiritual realm. The other components split up into many which are called the Human spirit guides, and the last part descends into the Human body when it is born.

It all fits and explains why we feel sometimes lost and lonely and the very reason we seek relationships to fill up the void. Only when we somehow connect with the part that remains in the spiritual realms, we feel a sense of awakening.

This book explores such mysteries, pyramids, mayan calendar and many more in a very beautiful manner.

Gina E. Jones pulls off the veil to another dimension of thought!  (July 20, 2009)  Michael Alpough

Imagine if we could listen in on how the Angels talk and perhaps think. Flying Between Heaven and Earth gives a glimpse into the life of the great Beings who pull the strings behind the walls we cannot go through. This will change how you think and add a new chapter in your life of the great things to ponder. Well done Gina E. Jones.

Discovering the purpose of life in a novel!  (March 13, 2009)  Susan Howell  (Huntington Beach, CA)

I have just finished reading “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” and I really enjoyed the ride. I believe that since 9/11 and watching the news about world events today that the subject matter in this book is very timely. I enjoyed the thoughtful and fascinating way the story unfolded as well as the humor weaved throughout like threads of gold. I would recommend this book for everyone to read. It certainly gave me a lot think about in my life and offered a few great laughs along the way!

Gina Jones Flies High in Her First Solo  (November 9, 2008)  Donna Strong, author of “Coming Home to Calm: Awakening to Divine Intelligence”  (Southern CA, USA)

I relished reading the first book by Gina Jones. Not only is it a delightful romp, with compelling urgency it underscores the spiritual questions we all face daily, whether to stay in conscious contact with our higher nature or act from the disconnected sense of displacement that causes a life of high drama. Ms. Jones’ displays a highly developed flair for storytelling; her characters feel alive through her weaving of words.

At the outset, travelers are stranded due to terrorism, setting the story amidst an earth that is expressing more fragmentation and chaos. Archangel Michael, the wayshower for the new world coming, is the main `pilot’ heading up the newly formed Infinity Airways, whose purpose is to assist its passengers to release the bondage of their lower self karmas. No one on this flight manifest of passengers is aboard by mere chance. What looks like happenstance seat assignments are actually carefully orchestrated plans to catalyze the passengers perspectives to realize the wider manifest destiny of the higher realms.

As the story begins, a new trainee named Nicole joins the capable and compassionate crew of angels. Despite ample divine intervention, this new trainee finds herself inextricably drawn into the vortex of human drama onboard and begins spiraling downward into the tunnel view of the material realm.

The emotional currents of the passengers on board makes for a fairly turbulent flight. While the most of the angel crew is calm and clear, for Nicole it is utterly devastating. The book is riveting as she seeks to understand what is happening, and so is the fully-fleshed devilish Semyaza, the other fallen angel, with his consummate ability to launch divisive schemes. While we can forget the divine for a while, there is a spark that is undeniable. This book is a must read for days when we feel like fallen earth angels and need a reminder of what is true. Hopefully, there are more works to come soon, since this book confidently displays Ms. Jones’ ability to be prolific and profound while being divinely entertaining.

Thought provoking and fun read!  (October 6, 2008)  J. Hodgson (Seattle, WA USA)

I loved it!  What struck me was the way Gina was able to capture and articulate so many of my overt and even subtle, unspoken beliefs within such an unusual and enjoyable tale.  It was thought provoking and a very fun read. I will always look at flight attendants with a more ‘spiritual’ eye!

I have shared this book with other friends – many who have also enjoyed it tremendously.  Some felt it was a little too “woo woo” for them but it still led to great conversations about our beliefs, hopes, dreams and fears.

A Fanciful Flight of Imagination!  (July 19, 2008)  Jim Nichols, Artist/Lecturer/Author of “Persistence of Memory” and “Case Files Revealed: The UFO Art of James Nichols”

With her new book, “Flying Between Heaven and Earth”, author Gina Jones brings us a fanciful flight of imagination that is both highly entertaining and yet thoughtfully compelling. Her tale follows the perils and pitfalls of a darling novice angel, named Nicole, who is caught up in her first harrowing experience of  modern ‘reality’ on planet Earth as a flight-attendant trainee. Nicole’s rookie misadventures unfold into a more vast drama of good and evil each playing out their respective competitive roles as humanity hurtles toward a perplexing and prophetic destiny in 2012.

Thru her engaging narrative, Gina reminds the reader how our lives are all intricately layered, interwoven and unique as we follow along our individual paths of self-discovery. Having experienced a full career as a flight-attendant herself, Gina reveals her own keen observation of how our culture’s hollow, self-defeating passion for material gain blinds us from the dazzling discovery of our true spiritual identities.

Through her cast of characters, Gina also shares a seriously thoughtful examination of the possible future scenarios humanity may be facing as we approach this prophesied nexus point in time…2012. Does humanity face ultimate obliteration or sublime renewal?  Join angel ‘Nicole’ as she seeks the answers…

A great read for someone in need…of an intro to some spiritual issues  (April 3, 2008)  Eric Rehnke “Spiritual Traveller”   (Irvine, CA, United States)

Two concepts were presented in this book, no, actually three, that make this an important book for someone searching and asking questions about what is going on and WHY?

The concept of spiritual creatures, angels and demons, having meetings and discussions about what to do about things on Earth is a very new idea for most of us. I thought that it was a war between good and evil. But, the more I think about it, the idea that Jones proffers makes a bit more sense. I can even picture all of it happening just as she describes. Good spirits and bad spirits argue about the outcome of things and do their best to influence us humans in this “free will” world. And may the most influential win it all. And yet, the idea that these “good and bad” spirits are just part of a larger “game” and are playing parts even makes the concept more interesting and compelling.

Another concept that fascinated me was of the “veil of forgetfulness”. This is what happens when we, as multi-dimensional creatures enter into this three dimensional existence. Our “reentry” dazes us and causes us to forget who we are until we can awaken to our condition. Of course, if you accept the idea that we re-entered this existence by choice, you could argue that we agreed to forget ourselves for a time. How else could we expect to live here like this is all there is and we are playing for keeps?

And the third thing I enjoyed was how our guardian angels interact with us and influence us while we are living our day to day lives. And that all the experiences we have in this life are planned to teach us something. Of course, since we are in a “free will” world, we don’t do the right thing too often and have to pay the consequences for our actions.

Okay, that is four concepts. But, you get the idea.

Jones writes in a lively style and breaks the book up into lots of chapters since most of us don’t have long periods of time to devote to reading these days.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the Mayan Calendar is featured here and how it relates to 2012. Now, this is an area where a number of people have wildly different theories over its significance and what is supposed to happen when 2012 rolls around.

Ok… five concepts.

This book presents one picture and googling 2012 will garner LOTS of others. There are references in the back of the book to get you started.

Thoroughly Entertaining and a Great Read!  (March 2, 2008)  Jelaila Starr,  The Nibiruan Council

Flying Between Heaven and Earth lifts the Spirit and awakens the Soul to soar beyond our current beliefs into a higher state of awareness.

Thoroughly entertaining and a great read!

I Just Loved It!!!  (January 29, 2008)  Lanaiya King

I read Flying Between Heaven and Earth and just loved it!!!  What a pager turner!!!  I had so much fun because I read it while flying to the east coast for Thanksgiving. It was just so very captivating and also filled with spiritual guidance and principles. I found myself looking at the people sitting around me and wondering what I could learn from them, and even studied the Flight Attendants looking for hidden agendas of the Light!

I just adored the ending, and as I read the last few pages, as with other great books I’ve read, was sorry for it to be done; almost like losing a good friend.

This book is a must read, whether flying between Heaven and Earth, or just after the plane lands on Earth!

My Hat is Off to Gina E. Jones!  (December 2, 2007)  Pastor Floyd

Gina E. Jones’ ability to draw the reader into the natures and circumstances of her characters is superb! Nicole, the angelic heroine, was both fascinating yet conducive to one’s sympathy, as she valiantly struggled with the forces that bear upon all of us humans, as we, too, are obliged to struggle with them.

Through Ms. Jones’ imaginative genius, I flew between Heaven and Earth!

Inspiring!  (November 8, 2007)  Liberty Lightfoot

Flying Between Heaven and Earth is a unique spiritual journey ascending to the exquisiteness of the Angelic Realms. With its centuries of Light Beings remembered for their services on Earth and Heaven in dealing with the ever-pervasive dark forces, this story highlights the awareness of the one angel that holds the hope for humanity in the days ahead.

Absolutely inspiring!

Ride of Your Life!  (November 2, 2007)  J. Durkey

Flying Between Heaven and Earth provides us with a glimpse into a fascinating netherworld and, more importantly, provokes us to contemplate the reasons we’re here on this planet. Gina Jones’ exemplary writing skills give us richly developed characters to follow right to the end of this page-turner.

Whether you believe or not, the postulates Gina presents will stay with you long after you finish the read. Get ready for an enjoyable ride on Infinity Airways.

A Gift to Humanity!  (October 24, 2007)  Rev. Dana-Lori Dunn, Ph.D.

This book is a gift to humanity. It is genuine, bringing hope and faith to the reader. I found that the minute I opened it, I was compelled, I could not put it down. It took me on a journey into what is truly and really important in our lives. Each chapter brought me to a realization, of how our lives intertwine with certain people and events that show us the miracles, that there is something more guiding us.

This book is a lamp in a great sea of darkness, it is the inspiration that gives us hope, in the end it will make your heart sing a new song!

Wow! and…Wow!  (September 14, 2007)  Terrance R. Snyder, a well read retired blue collar

I had intended to read only the back cover, because I was already into another book, when my wife brought in ‘Flying Between Heaven and Earth’. Ok, I read the preface and then Gina’s message to the readers, and I was hooked! In fact, I couldn’t put the book down. I related to a number of the characters and not only did I identify with their circumstances, but in the end, realized that a deeper knowing within me had been triggered. I got it! I understand!

Gina Jones is brilliant! I felt more enlightened and was actually ‘moved’ to take steps forward in my personal life after feeling stuck for a long time. The intrigue of this book, and its blending of Spirituality with human need, struck a new cord, a very positive one for me. Thanks Gina. Now I am waiting for your next book.

I’ve recommended this to all like-minded friends!  (September 10, 2007)  Marita Graves (N. Central Fl.)

This is a story of hope and redemption. Did you ever wonder how an Angel earned the status of Archangel? I hadn’t either until “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” landed on my doorstep. I was riveted and transformed by this ‘factional novel’. It had been many years since a book spoke to me like this. Truth is woven throughout, like triggers, that ultimately brought me to a point of surrender, and a new level of awakening in my personal life.

Gina’s first effort at flying solo is an E-ticket ride. This felt more like riding first class in a hologram, while viewing a bigger picture than mankind could ever imagine.

You will love this book! Now to see it come to life on the big screen. Stephen Spielberg, are you reading this?

Consciousness Raising!  (August 5, 2007)  Luz Hanaii, a poetry lover and writer

Flying Between Heaven and Earth has provided a greater awareness of the Mayan Calendar and the year 2012 for me. I found myself late at night unable to stop reading. Gina Jones has done a wonderful job in making the characters come to life. Soon into the reading of this book, I realized that this book would make a very exiting and fun movie. This would be a good avenue for non-readers to be aware of the cosmic changes that are soon to come in the near future.

A must read for truly spiritual enlightening!

Highly Engaging, Intriguing, and Enlightening!!!  (August 3, 2007)  James Sia  “Only Love Heals” (Torrance, CA USA)

Pick this up if you want to be inspired!

A Must Read. . .

A great read with a captivating “higher” perspective!  (June 25, 2007)  Karen Stone “DreamBeats CoCreative Coach”

I just finished reading Flying Between Heaven and Earth for the second time ! I was captivated by Gina’s story and read it through the first time as quickly as possible – – – I HAD to find out what happened !! Then, realizing there was deep wisdom behind the story itself, I read it again, focusing on the incredible spiritual and consciously evolved perspective Gina has presented about this most incredible time in the history of our planet – and humanity itself. If you have studied, or ever felt an intuitive glimmer of interest in, the Mayan Calendar, angels, ancient wisdom, the evolution of consciousness or the escalating rate of change in our world, I would highly recommend that you pick up Flying Between Heaven and Earth as soon as possible and enjoy it!

Gina’s characters are engaging and my imagination ran wild with the many dynamic settings in which the story takes place- from the glamour of Fifth Avenue in New York and the high decadence of the Las Vegas Strip to the heavenly council chambers where the Ascended Masters meet to offer us humans the support we need to successfully face the “end of ages” that will be upon us in a few short years.

Gina gives us a new look at the place we stand in history in the form of a GREAT story that is filled with hope and exciting twists and turns!!!

I recommend it wholeheartedly!  (June 25, 2007)  Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty of L/L Research (Louisville, KY United States)

How would you like to be invited to sit in on a conversation between nine gods, goddesses, angels and sages from the Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Christian, Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Zoroastrian and Jewish traditions?

That’s the neeting Gina Jones creates in her novel, Flying Between Heaven and Earth. She peoples her world with the Prince of Darkness for a villain and a young and clumsy angel, Nicole, for a heroine. Nicole is a junior librarian in The Hall of Akashic Records and comes to Archangel Michael’s attention when she finds a lost volume of the archives by falling into a bookcase and bringing it crashing down. On top of the jumble is the missing book.

She takes the book to Michael as he sits in on a meeting of the Council of Saturn, where the Council of Nine are in session working on the problem of how to help Earth as it approaches the year 2012. As Nicole enters, Mother Mary, Goddess Tara and Kuan Yin say, in unison, “Humans are still learning. They won’t understand non-judgment until they know compassion.”

How do humans find compassion? Nicole plunges into the earth scene we all know and love to find that out and emerges triumphant despite the enormous temptations of haute couture and fine living that Ashton, AKA Prince of Darkness, offer her. Do yourself a favor and sign on for a ride through Nicole’s world. Find out what she did, and get ready for your own angel wings.

Miss Jones’ background of 27 years of experience as a flight attendant or, as she prefers to be called, a Sky Goddess, informs and partially forms the style and environment of her venture into fantasy, science fiction and romance. Oh yes, and philosophy. 

There is a lively conversation throughout the novel on timeless topics such as good and evil, graduation, polarity and free will.

Miss Jones kindly gives to The Law of One, by Ra, which was channeled and published by our research group, credit for being a source of much of the novel’s underlying cosmology.

But mostly, Flying Between Heaven and Earth is a good read and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Piercing the Darkness!  (June 25, 2007)  Doug Berlie

Flying Between Heaven and Earth is a must-read for anyone trying to make sense out of our modern world! Gina E. Jones does a magnificent job tying together some of the recent events with an angelic attempt to help humanity as 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar approaches. I found myself sometimes laughing out loud and sometimes crying with the predicaments Nicole, the main character, finds herself in.

Anyone reading Flying Between Heaven and Earth will identify with the characters and situations and see that while we have help ‘from above’, angels, like humans, have their own challenges to overcome!

A FALLEN ANGEL  (June 19, 2007)  Dorothy,  A Reviewer

An angel falls from grace and takes on the traits of a materialist woman. Angel Nicole is a new flight attendant on Infinity Airlines operated entirely by angels with the passengers paired as seat mates to work out their earthly problems and move to a higher plane. 

The compelling story moves at a fast pace as Nicole is faced with one calamity after another. In her first book, author Gina Jones, weaves the the characters in unusual relationships in their effort to complete their journey before 2012, the cosmic plan prophesied by the Mayan Calender. A must read for the believers in angels, the Mayan Calender predictions and spiritual development.

A very fun ride and an easy read!  June 18, 2007  Tricia McCannon, The Mysteries Expert

Flying Between Heaven and Earth is a fun, entertainingly glorious romp through the trials and tribulations of being alive on planet Earth. It has everything from ETs to Ascended Masters, sex to shopping, angels to demons, romance to mystery and is multi-leveled to boot! It takes us from the pits of addiction and despair to the heights of heaven, and it does this all with a joyful, upbeat smile!

Great Read!!!  (June 14, 2007)  GAgirl “becky” (ga,usa)

This is really a great read!! Gina Jones has a hit with her first novel!!! No matter what you believe, this book will make you think! As a flight attendant for a major airline for over 30 years, I can truly relate to Nicole’s plight!! Miss Jones’s personal knowledge of the airline industry makes for a believable storyline. She has made me want to research the “Mayan Calendar” and look more into my own spirituality!!

If you only read one new book this year, let it be this one!! I can’t wait to see this book on the “Big Screen” & anxiously await Gina’s next bestseller!!!

Reconnecting your hardware and your software  (June 13, 2007)  Karen Majorowski – Editor of "Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar"  (Longmont, CO)

Flying between Heaven and Earth by Gina Jones is all about reconnecting parts of our self that have been disconnected for along time. Never have I read a novel that speaks so directly to our changing times. Having traveled a path of self-discovery my library is full of self help books but none has inspired me more than this refreshing look at life from above and below.

In 2005 I was introduced to the Mayan Calendar, according, I might add to the schedule of my own soul’s purpose. My world view was expanded beyond belief and I joined the ranks of the newly enlightened souls on our planet. 

Knowing the true nature of the earth and we who inhabit it at this time was mind altering and truly brought me home to my self, reconnecting my minds hardware to the software of the heart and Divine Consciousness. The message of the Mayan Calendar, the cosmic design and universal pattern inherent in all was being revealed right on schedule.

It’s a message beautifully told in Gina Jones’ novel. It breathes new life into our old paradigms and belief systems opening up a portal to a unified field of consciousness. The journey of Nicole makes you laugh and cry and her innocence and honesty makes you question your own personal journey. Flying has always been a metaphor for freedom, especially self-realized freedom. Expanding your world view is what Flying between Heaven and Earth is all about. It’s about integrating polarities and healing separation. Balancing Karma requires our full attention, and assists us in allowing the very best in ourselves and in the very best of this world to emerge. This book is right on schedule.

I met Gina on the super highway of the web, one of the many synchronicities gracing my life since opening to the Mayan Calendar. The connections I’ve made because of the Mayan Calendar speak volumes to the truth inherent in the universal language of oneness and light. Gina Jones is a true emissary of the light pouring in right now. Because creation is accelerating at such a rate, the Mayan Calendar end date being Dec. 21, 2012, more people, especially young people, prefer the medium of film as apposed to the time it takes to read a book. My two nieces can’t wait for Gina’s book to be made into a film. They are already in touch with parallel universes and their interest in the supernatural and paranormal is unprecedented.

Gina better hurry up, only 4 years left to write a sequel.

ANGELS?  (June 12, 2007)  R. Edwards (Atlanta, Ga)

Flying Between Heaven and Earth was recommended to me by someone who knows that I am not a believer in angels. Since I am not “enlightened” the book remained unread for several weeks. One evening I glanced through several chapters and the character development grabbed me. Frankly, I could not put the book down. Gina’s ability to contrast lives and relationships is interesting reading even for the non-believer. It is an excellent novel and I read it as such. Now I am anxiously awaiting the next episode in the angel life of Nicole, the central character.

Did I enjoy the book and would I recommend it to others? Since action speaks louder than words, I have purchased 15 copies for friends and associates.

This Is Your Captain Speaking  (June 7, 2007)  Frederick M. Fox

I am a retired airline captain, and also a teacher and student of metaphysical science and philosophy. Gina Jones, a retired airline flight attendant, has blended her airline talents and experiences with a unique understanding of spiritual metaphysics, and other knowledge that I am also familiar with, to present this timely work for the benefit of the masses who need to be brought up to speed very quickly about events transpiring in our world.

Therefore, I recommend this book very highly and hope others will enjoy it as much as I did.

Aloha, Captain F.M. Fox

Better Days to Come  (June 7, 2007)  Sara J. Malanca

Flying Between Heaven and Earth leaves the reader with a hope that 

better days can be in their future. It has enough spirituality in its pages to make you happy and give you hope. It also has enough current day crisis to make you relate to the current situation here on earth. There are plenty of heavenly ideas to make us want to believe in a “better place”. Archangel Michael is enough of hunk to make us think “romance novel”, and Nicole is a woman that we can relate to.

All in all, it is a novel with a very good message that can leave readers in a better mental/spiritual place.

Thought Provoking and Enlightening – must read !!  (May 29, 2007)  Ben Cufone (Dana Point, CA USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Flying Between Heaven and Earth. Gina E. Jones has a story that will change the way you look at the world you live in. The Illusions and misconceptions will be replaced with Knowledege, Truth and clarity.

I have been on a spiritual path for many years and found a lot of the same knowledge through many different sources all creatively entwined in this ” Factional ” story. The book captures your imagination as well as your spirit on your journey to awareness and enlightenment. Many secrets are revealed in this epic book about the war of good versus evil and the battleground for souls. You will find yourself reflecting and thinking about inspiring information regarding the Mayan calendar, the law of attraction, reincarnation, extraterrestrial and multi dimensional and angelic influences on mankind.

The story will open your eyes and awaken your spirit as you see the ” Reasons ” the world is the way it is today.

History and current events are addressed in ways in which we all can relate to.

My Awakening  (May 29, 2007)
M. kumar “Ma Ananda Vibhooti”

Reading Flying between Heaven and Earth, opened up many flood gates in my life. I was gifted the book by Gina at the Consciousness One fair, for which I am forever grateful to her.

I have not been much of a reader, but after reading the first few chapters I was hooked,I couldn’t put the book down. Each night I looked forward to what was next, I could see how she had woven so many intricate truths into this fictional story and I had fun getting to know the characters and how they came to the points in their lives. I wanted the book to go on and on, and it was sad to known I had reached the last chapter.

For me, it tied many things together, and intensified my seeking more and more information, on the matters that were presented in the book. Now I am on a spiritual journey, which has brought to me a whole new inner dimension. It has created a passion for books in which I learn about the great spiritual masters, of this world, I understand the greatest religion in the world is the religion of Love. I have learned how to pray, how to meditate, and met a great enlightened master.

For me Flying Higher Between Heaven and Earth has been a turning point.

Thanks Gina!

An Interesting Angelic Story  (May 29, 2007)  David Stoica

Angel Nicole, and the fellow angels, fight to save as many souls as possible. Meanwhile, Nicole is becoming more and more human, and finds herself tempted by evil. She finally hits rock bottom. I liked the high concept of the person sitting next to you on the plane helping you out. It is symbolic of real life where we help each other out. The practical message I got out of the book is that it is a good idea to communicate better with people, especially where feelings are involved. Sometimes we lose communication or contact with people over time, and there are left over bad feelings that can be easily resolved with a little communication.

Enlightening and Engaging  (May 28, 2007)  Pietro L. Reeves
I found this book fascinating, entertaining and informative. I particularly liked the fact that the chapters were small. I found myself late at night riveted to the book, telling myself, “Just one more chapter.” The book answered many questions for me such as; The Law of One, what are The Third and Fourth Dimensions, and how we can use the forces of evil to challenge us to make correct choices. I was also reminded of the importance that people with evil and low energies play in our life as very necessary, once seen it this way it makes it easier to deal with our role here on Earth, as Enlighten Beings full of love and understanding. We have being given the responsibility to bring love and light to those in darkness, and not the other way around.

This book confirms things I felt deep within me, things not normally taught in your average Sunday service by most religious leaders. These last years have been a strong calling for me to a Tremendous Shift in Human Consciousness. Many at times surprised at the newness of my many experiences, always looking for explanations, confirming to myself that there is more out there that meets the eye. Not being able to share with those of closed minds for fear of ridicule, always praying for a chance to find those of like mind for support.

The character of Nicole is portrayed vividly showing the temptations we have to overcome here on Earth. The common appeal for vices, lack of sacrifice, fame and fortune are but a few of the tests we face here on Earth. Nicole was able to experience the purity of human love through Father Knorosov. It was this very love that save her. By comparing the pure love and intentions of Father Knorosov against the lust and finally the abuse of Ashton, Nicole was able to finally make the right choice for good.

Whether we truly will jump into the Fourth Dimension or not is put to doubt by some. Just as there are different colors in a crayon box, we are all special and diverse with different sensitivities and gifts. Some of us are more incline towards spiritual matters while others are better in dealing with tangible and physical facts. Like in the story of the Elephant, it does not make our observations against each other wrong, just different.

By choosing to be part of The Great Consciousness and desiring to jump to the Fourth Dimension I choose to keep and open mind, give-up old erroneous beliefs, stop the habit of judging those who do things differently or disagree with me. I also choose to love and have compassion for those that do not understand me and dislike me. Hopefully I will be a beacon to those around me, a source of love and acceptance.

Although we will never know what was written in all the books destroyed by the Spaniards, and the Clergy, I believe we carry within us a Genetic Code that will be awaken as we begin to meditate and function in a much higher energy frequency.

I hope to see this book in film form soon. I believe people need to have hope in these last years before 2012.

Sincerely, Pietro Reeves, on this 28th of May in the year 2007
Poet and Writer

Page turner and enlightening!  (May 19, 2007)  S. Mahany (St. Albans, VT USA)

Flying Between Heaven and Earth was a funny, captivating and informative trip into the fascinating world of metaphysics. Gina’s well-researched book has synthesized the teachings of all the great spiritual leaders into an interesting story about what we are here to do on planet earth.

It has it all…love, hope, greed, temptation, lust, redemption and ultimately the progress of the human soul. Well worth the ride, and I’ll never look at flying the same again.

Entertaining and Thought Provoking  (May 1, 2007)  “TheGAPnoid” (Atlanta, GA)

This is a wonderful story that is long overdue. Gina has masterfully crafted a story that brings together the contemporary issues of today and how they relate on a bigger scale of how we have collectively and individually created our own lives. Get ready for another great ride down the rabbit hole. You will go from tears to laughter and back again.

This book is a page turner that is a wake up call of what is really going on the world and how it will be up to each and every one of us to make a difference!

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