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Synopsis of Flying Between Heaven and Earth

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Reviewers everywhere agree that Flying Between Heaven and Earth is a story that will change the way you look at life...forever!


In this award-winning humorous, romantic drama, Archangel Michael, the celestial defender of humanity, finds his job on the line. The High Council in Heaven is about to strip him of his wings because things on Earth are going to hell. Michael is about to lose his position to Semyaza, the evil Lord of Darkness and leader of the fallen angels. Nicole, an innocent, yet bumbling untrained angel volunteers to be a flight attendant to help Michael in his final campaign. 

Nicole quickly learns what makes Michael's airline unique is a seat assignment system specifically designed to allow passengers the opportunity to balance their heavy karmic and emotional baggage with their assigned seatmate--not only from this lifetime, but from past and future lives as well. With the right person sitting on the right flight in the right seat, the traveling public is unaware that they are being served by angels and being given the opportunity to learn their soul's most important lessons before they reach their destination.

Caught in the vicious clash of the Dark against the Light, Nicole loses her own battle when she succumbs to the worldly temptations offered by Semyaza. In this harrowing race against time, Michael is now forced to choose between saving humanity or saving Nicole, the young, vulnerable angel who he secretly desires. With Semyaza's plans running on time and on course, who does Michael chose? And who saves him from his own pending demise? Find out in Flying Between Heaven and Earth!

This thought-provoking novel, based on The Law of One Books I-V, empowers people everywhere with the knowledge and understanding of what exactly will help them fly higher above the dark storm clouds of life as we move forward in the turbulent times ahead.

Destiny waits for no one!

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